Top Pet Products of 2017

Here at Pet Decorator central (located in the greater Seattle area), we have been especially focused on up-and-coming pet products, especially in technology in preparation for our own launch. The pet market is HUGE and it only continues to grow. Reports show that spending has doubled between 2003 and 2016 alone. Our founder, Tami Michaels, has mentioned some of her favorites before so we only felt it fair we do the same, especially during a time when you may be looking for gifts for those pet-loving, like-minded individuals. These top picks come from our own tried and true home recommendations or from our best friends with dogs and cats alike!

For all Four-Legged Friends

Best for Remote MonitoringPetcube Play ($149.99)  

The Petcube Play allows you to remotely check in on your home and allows you to interact with your pets via smartphone. Through your phone, you can check into the 1080p videostream and talk to your pet as well as play with them via a laser. This is great if you worry about your pet being bored at home or want to occasionally check in on your home. As a pricier product, we promise the peace of mind it has brought is worth at least 10x its value.

Pet Cube Play and a Cat

Petcube Play (photo via Petcube)

Best Outdoor DecorPet Peek ($38.99)

A practical addition to your fence, Pet Peek allows your curious pet to see the world outside of its confines, reducing anxiety and escape attempts. The window can easily be installed in wood, vinyl, and drywall. Plus, we kind of love the thought of a multitude of cute portholes alongside an otherwise boring fence.

A dog looking through its pet peek window

Pet Peek (photo via Petagadget)

Best AppRover (prices vary based on service)

Websites and apps that connect you to verified and rated pet-sitters and dog walkers in your area, like Rover, are a gamechanger for those of us who travel or work outside the house. Whether it’s a week away or a short-noticed late day at work, Rover will connect you with a network of people to care for your pet. All individuals go through background checks, ongoing pet education, and will send you photo updates when you’re away (which is the best part). 

What the Rover app looks like

Rover (photo via Rover)

Best TrackerWhistle  (device and cellular tracking subscription starts at $14.95/month)

Whistle is a lightweight and waterproof tracker that attaches to your pet’s collar and uses WiFi and GPS to track your pet’s movements. It even measures their activities and will notify you if it leaves the area you pre-designate as home.

A photo of a dog wearing a Whistle device.

Whistle (photo via Whistle)


For the Canines

Best Treat – Greenie’s Dental Chews (prices vary by pack) 

Dogs aren’t the pickiest eaters but you can feel better about these treats since they’re all natural with added minerals and nutrients. These are also formulated to increase dental health and are available in different sizes for different types of dogs!

A bag of Greenies treats

Greenies Dental Treats (photo via Greenies)

Best DNA Test – Wisdom Panel 4.0 ($85)

With just one cheek swab, you can identify the purebred ancestors of your dog. Wisdom Panel will provide extensive information about each time of breed found and two health screens. More than 250 breeds are covered!

The Wisdom Panel 4.0 container

Wisdom Panel (photo via Wisdom Panel)

Best Bed – DogBed4Less ($60-120)

Every member of the family deserves his own bed. The DogBed4Less Orthopedic Memory Foam bed offers everything you could want in a dog bed – it’s made with hypoallergenic memory foam, has a waterproof inner lining, has a soft microsuede external cover, comes in a variety of sizes, AND is extremely durable.

A dog resting on his Dog Bed 4 Less bed

DogBed4Less (photo via Amazon)

Best Dog-Food Bowl – Slow Feed Dog Bowl ($12)

More than one of us has dogs that get SO excited for food, they try to hoover it all in as fast as possible leading to gasping and throwing up. These dog bowls slow down meal times by 10X and increases digestion and brain productivity as well. They’re also dishwasher safe!

A photo of the slow feeder bowl with food

Outward Hound Slow Feeder Bowl (photo via Amazon)

Best Potty – Woofloo (From $140) 

Even though this product hasn’t launched yet, we couldn’t be more excited for this! Other dog patches of grass are full of bacteria and have to be replaced frequently but the Woofloo is a self-flushing toilet crafted from high-grade aluminum to eliminate the urine smell and need to be walked several times a day. The grass is a special-made artificial grass to allow for easy drainage and and repel fungus and bacteria.

a dog sitting on its Woofloo

Woofloo (photo via Woofloo)


For the Felines

Best brush – FURminator ($12)

In our lifetime of owning cats, we haven’t come across a brush as effective as the FURminator. With a metal comb, it reaches through your cat’s topcoat to gently remove loose hair. The rejector button makes removing loose hair from the tool easy. The use has been proven to reduce shedding and dangerous hairballs from forming.

a cat with a pile of brushed off excess hair

FURminator (photo via

Best Litter Box – ModKat Litter Box ($95)

Unlike the huge litter pans of the past, this box is a modern cube that fits in more places. On top of improved looks, the ModKat Litter Box prevents litter tracking (no more litter all over the house!).

a cat sitting in its ModKat Litter Box

ModKat Litter Box (photo via Amazon)

Best Toy – Da Bird ($9)

It’s not a secret that cats are picky but I haven’t met a cat that hasn’t lost its mind over Da Bird. It’s just a plastic stick with a string and feathers but this is the only thing our cats will constantly play with and not get sick of. It also helps urge them into activity on a daily basis.

a photo of Da Bird

Da Bird (photo via Petco)

Best Scratcher – PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge ($50) 

These cardboard scratchers are the only types of scratchers our cats will use and has been a miracle in getting them to stop aiming for the furniture! We love this cardboard design especially because of its modern design and size. It has lasted a LONG time and has become a favorite hangout place.

a photo of a cat lying on its scratcher / lounger

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge (photo via Amazon)

Best Treat Freeze-Dried Salmon ($5-20) 

Any cat owner knows how picky cats can be. Oh, she doesn’t want the new bag of organic duck kibbles but she’s fine with the bulk bag from Costco? Great, now what happens to the organic kibbles! Freeze-dried salmon is the only treat all of our cats go crazy for and it keeps their coats sleek and healthy. It doubles as a dog treat as well!

a photo of the dried salmon Cat-Man-Doo bag

Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon from Cat-Man-Doo (photo via Amazon)

There are many more products we love but we tried to keep this list short and sweet. We want to hear what your favorite pet products are! Will you leave your favorites in the comments below?

We hope you have a happy  holiday!

With love,

Pet Decorator


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