The Modern Farmhouse Interior

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There’s this slightly country, slightly contemporary, slightly industrial design trend that’s been blowing up my design feeds for the past few months that you may be interested in. While you may not naturally pair “modern” and “farmhouse” style together,  the modern farmhouse trend is already becoming one of the biggest design trends of 2017 but what exactly is it?!
Origin to present day


The modern farmhouse trend is inspired from the traditional farmhouse style of mid-19th century rural America. Although shiplap was once relegated to utilitarian buildings like barns and outhouses, rough-hewn wood is now commonplace in indoor spaces and modernized with the use of neutral colors. However, don’t just think “country style”. Interior designer Billy Benson notes, “This is not the old-fashioned ‘country’ style we tend to think of – with frilly curtains and lots of knickknacks – it’s streamlined with industrial edges”. The style is more refined made for ease of living with touches like modern, updated appliances and bright accessories bursting with personality.


Key components of the modern farmhouse


  • high contrast color schemes – you can have your bright white modern kitchen and and rustic finishes as well, but typically black paired with white, cream, and light grey create a contemporary backdrop even when incorporating reclaimed wood, antiques, and pops of color

    modern farmhouse kitchen

    (Photo via Cambria USA)

  • open shelving – open shelves offer a convenient, contemporary display space

    Open Shelving Modern Farmhouse

    Image via Urn Home

  • repurposed wood – in the form of tables and sliding doors! Rustic, farmhouse tables have been a gathering space and the farmhouse tables has been modernized. Long are the days of mismatched chairs for sleek, elegant seating or contemporary benches. And what better way to break up a room that with a modernized, repainted sliding barn door?
    Modern Farmhouse Dining

    Image via Desire to Inspire


    Repurposed Barn Door

    Image via Desire to Inspire


  • pops of industrial-chic – Industrial design is rooted in hard finished and raw textures and a favorite for its minimalism and utilitarianism but when paired with antiques, vintage signage, quilts, and wood, the style is decidedly more modern farmhouse. When they come in bright colors, they come off as especially warm and comforting like these bright yellow stools.

    Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Steel Stools

    Image via Better Homes and Gardens


  • an update on farmhouse appliances – The farmhouse sink is another classic farmhouse detail that has been given an update. The traditional apron-front sink is available in the traditional porcelain white or the modernized stainless steel.
Updated Farmhouse Appliances

Image via Garden and Gun

  • repurposed antiques – Gone are the days of tchotchkes cluttering every inch of free space. These days, your old knickknacks are being utilized! In this picture, we have old glass bottles repurposed as a modern farmhouse favorite – pendant lighting!
Repurposed Antiques

Image via Better Homes and Gardens


  • modernized country accessories – Your old quilt, vintage signage, bright farm paintings, or chalkboard give the high contrast black and neutral tones of the room a quaint and personalized farmlike feel.

Image via Bless’er House


  • bonus point – hydrangeas! A container of branches and hydrangeas will add a fresh, farmhouse style to a contemporary, high contrast room


    Image via Robert Stilin



So as you can see, it’s not hard to see why this trend has taken off so quickly! Farmhouses have been around since people have been living off the land. There’s a sense of familiarity. There’s a sense of comfort. When you add in key, contemporary pieces into the idea of kitchens being the epicenter of design and familial gathering, it’s the perfect style for families of all sizes.




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