An Idyllic Last-Minute Valentine’s In

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! And if you’re one of the many who didn’t know Valentine’s Day was coming and couldn’t get a fancy reservation, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered for a romantic evening! These items can be picked up locally today. Why not spend a romantic evening in? Valentine’s Day out at restaurants is often crazy and overpriced anyway.

Rose gold is certainly having a design comeback this year, especially in appliances. If your significant other is chef, the Kitchenaid will be his or her new best friend in making fresh pasta to burgers to bread. Make it extra special by getting it in rose gold. (Can be picked up from William Sonoma and Macy’s – $599)
rose gold Kitchenaid

(Photo via William Sonoma)

What about a tea set for your special someone (in rose gold, of course)? We all know how cold it’s been this year in the Pacific Northwest. Many shops make tea blends that are extra sensual (think rose and cinnamon). And locally, you can find a plethora of specialty tea shops and kitchen shops that will have kettles! (Think Bed Bath and Beyond, Teavana, and Market Spice if you’re in Seattle and can make it to Pike Place.)
rose tea and rose gold tea kettle

(Photo via Wayfair)

If hot beverages aren’t his or her thing, what about cocktails? Does your home have a bar cart yet? It’s a timeless piece that is versatile for entertaining at any time of the year. It’s easily customizable too! Just stock it with your honey’s favorite cocktail ingredients! (Can be found at Target, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and it may be an opportunity for a good thrifting trip if you have the time and want to save some money!)
copper bar cart

(Photo from CB2)

If you’re staying home for the evening, what about making dinner an affair to remember? And if it’s too late even to get flowers you can still set the mood! Think lighting! Fairy lights are an easy and inexpensive way to set the mood (indoors or outdoors). Individual strings of lights can be picked up for $5-10/strand from places like Crate and Barrel, Target and even Amazon Prime now if you hurry!)
fairy lights

(Photo from Elizabeth Danon Interiors)

No romantic night in, however, is complete without candles. And you can easily branch out from cliché rose or other floral scented candles these days. Find a scent you both enjoy. Nordstrom has an especially great selection right now. Prosecco candle anyone? Candles start at $20.

prosecco rose Voluspa candle

(Photo via Nordstrom)

And don’t be intimidated by setting a themed table! What about a romantic table for two? There are step by step directions online now about how to properly set a table and you can get cheaper matching settings and dining-ware at dollar stores and stores like Target.
copper flatware

(Flatware set via Target)

If cooking isn’t your forte, what about learning how to cook with your partner? The Pacific Northwest offers a plethora of cuisines and classes to try and it’ll get you and your partner out of your comfort zone which is a bonding experience. Luigi’s Italian and Eat Local both provide Italian cooking classes, for example! Blue Ribbon also provides classes in a much wider variety of cuisines and skills! (Cooking classes start at $30)
cooking class

(Photo via Blue Ribbon) 

Let’s not forget about the fellows this year! If shaving is in your repertoire, you simply must try a shaving kit from the Art of Shaving. The combination of their quality ingredients and handcrafted accessories will really up your shaving game! Kits are already elegantly packaged if you’re short on time, come in travel sizes, and are offered in a wide variety of scents (or unscented if you’re sensitive).
art of shaving kit

(Photo via The Art of Shaving)

Remember though, the perfect Valentine’s Day may just be spending time with your loved ones and pets!
Tami Michaels

Instagram love @tamimichaels

Instagram love @tamimichaels